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Breed History

History of the Dalmatian



Although the most popular theory places the Dalmatian's beginnings in his namesake country, Dalmatia (part of Croatia), his actual origins are unknown. His history is a mysterious one, documented by pictures and paintings of spotted dogs strikingly similar to today's Dalmatian. There are pictures of spotted dogs following Pharaoh's chariots on the royal tombs of Egypt so it is possible the Dalmatian's heritage is more ancient than originally thought. No matter where his actual beginnings, he truly evolved into the dog he is today when he was adopted by the British. A spotted dog, popular in India, was introduced into Great Britain by the English aristocracy after their colonization of that country. His inborn love of horses, coupled with his handsome good looks, made him the first and only "Coach Dog". His function, however, was not simply ornamental. He also served as a guard dog for the coaches, protecting travelers' belongings at the frequent stops along the route.

History of the Siberian Husky



The Siberian Husky descends from the Chukchi Sled Dog, which was bred in the Soviet Arctic for over 3000 years before it was introduced to North America. The nomadic tribes that bred the dogs used them to pull sleds and herd reindeer. Like all sled dogs, the breed is able to work hard for long periods of time with little food. In the late 1800's, a fur trader named Olaf Swenson brought the first Chukchi's to North America and began a successful breeding program. The dogs soon gained popularity as excellent participants in the growing sport of sled-racing. The most famous team driver of the time was a Norwegian, Leonhard Seppala, who won the All-Alaska Sweepstakes three years in a row. He later moved to the States and contributed a great deal to the breeding programs of Siberian Huskies on this continent. The breed was officially recognised and renamed the Siberian Husky in 1939. Since then, the popular breed has worked its way into the hearts of many families as a devoted pet.

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