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SAf & Zim Ch Kurranulla Alban of Charizelle


He was the BIGGEST smiler

Houdini was the perfect show dog right from the start. He was my first ever show dog and was the one responsible for getting me hooked in this crazy hobby :) Houdini was the perfect pet too and was the most patient boy at 3 years old when my twins, Roxy and Shawnee were born. He used to stand with his head on the side of the bed and watch them. Later when they were learning to walk, Houdini was the one who had handfuls of skin gripped in tiny hands while they pulled themselves up against him. He was always patient even later when he became "the horse", luckily that phase passed before he got too old. At 13 years old, just before he was sadly put to sleep, he still had the purest white coat, free of ticking and the darkest, most beautiful black spots. He has bright round eyes, that were a chocolate brown and very kind. Houdini was our fiercest protector which was much appreciated back in South Africa where protection was needed.


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